Game Show Systems

Our Game Show Systems are built and designed for Live Performances. They are very portable, setup in minutes, Individual or Team Play, Wireless or Wired. Choose the right one for you and host your own TV Style Game Show at any Event.

   QZT-788-A                   QZT-2000-A                       QZT-3000-A                        QZT-4000-A                    QZT-5000-A

Buzzer System Scenario:

1) You show the question, play the music, or video.

2) Players "Buzz in" with their answers by pushing the button.

3)As soon as someone Buzzes in first: His/Her button will light up

                                                                        His/Her scoreboard on screen will change colour

                                                                        The other Player´s Buzzers will be locked out. (They can´t play)

                                                                         Any animation, music, effect will stop playing.

4) If the answer is correct, you add points automatically and go to the next question.

5) If the answer is wrong, the player is "frozen out" and you rebound the question to the other players. (That means the player is "locked out" of this question and all other player buzzers are open for them, and they may attempt to buzz in again with their answers.

And now put this buzzer systems together with our Suite of Games and WOW your customers.