Control Games Without Even Being At Your Computer. With the One Man Game Shows, you can be anywhere in the room and easily control each game with the Master Remote at a distance of up to 100 mts. from your computer, with no need for line of sight to operate it. (you can even continue to play problem free from a different room)                        These Games are particulary suitable for those working alone (DJ's etc.) or in cases where the client has a low budget and needs to reduce costs.

Depending on the game, and with only 7 Buttons, the Master Remote Controller lets you:

  • Add/Substract Points to/from the selected player
  • Lock/Unlock Buzzers
  • Freeze a Player and Rebound the question to the others
  • Show the Next Question
  • Select the chosen answer
  • Solve the questions
  • Show the next Phrase
  • Randomly Add letters to the Phrase panel
  • Solve the Phrase panel
  • Play the next Video
  • Play the next Song
  • Start and Stop Chronometers
  • Link the Chronometer to different Songs
  • Auto Sort the Ranking after each question.
  • Start and stop the Random Animation of the Panel.
  • and much more.