Quiztion the game / Part 1

The multimedia show number 1 !! Here started it all. 15 years ago we made the show Zapping that was a resounding success. A show by teams that you had to identify famous faces in a distorted video, discover landmarks, or identify melodies, singing, dancing, etc.. 15 years have passed already!!, and we have not stopped working, so if you met the old Zapping, you can forget it. The new Quiztion is infinitely superior, easy to use (you not need to be a NASA engineer to manage the contests, you don´t even need a technician since the compere can control the show while compering with the remote control ), easy to assemble (do you remember those heavy computers and all the cables in the middle ?, now all the system is wireless, so you just need 2 minutes to set up!

A super fun spectacle that can be customized with your own images