The contestant must answer 15 multiple-choice questions correctly in a row to win the jackpot. The contestant may quit at any time and keep their winnings. For each question, they are shown the question and four possible answers in advance before deciding whether to play on or not. If they do decide to offer an answer, it must be correct in order to stay in the game.
If at any stage they answer incorrectly, they fall back to the last "guarantee point" (IN WHITE) if there is one, and their game is over.

At any point, the contestant may use up one (or more) of their three "lifelines". These are:
• 50% - two of the three incorrect answers are removed.
• Phone-A-friend - the contestant may speak to a friend or relative on the phone for 30 seconds to discuss the question.
• Ask the audience - the audience votes on their choice of answer.
Each lifeline may only be used once during a contestant's entire game.