It is, in essence, a game of pure chance - a lottery, or more precisely a series of lotteries. It's more watchable than that implies though, mainly because of the interaction between host and contestants. Good to play as a Game itself, is also used as a pricing game.

A contestant is invited to sit in the hot seat and becomes the player for that show. He/She has to choose a box for himself. The other boxes are then opened one by one, and an off-stage banker known as, "The Banker" offers the player money to buy back the box and leave the game, based on the values of the boxes left.
There is an offer after the first five boxes are opened, and then a second offer after 4 new boxes, third offer after 3 new boxes, and a final offer after 2 new boxes. In theory, these offers should come slightly below the arithmetic mean of the remaining boxes; in practice, the early offers are artificially low.

Personalize it with your own prize list.