This Quiz’s main attraction is that the compere is not going to ask you a question, he’s going to give you an answer and you have to bring the correct question in the form: What is…?, Where is…?, Who is….?

For example:
The “question” is: The best game show system in the market
Your “answer” is: What is Quiztion,TV?

Four people play three rounds of quizzes to determine the champion. Each round would have four categories, each with 3 questions (answers) of varying difficulty and point value.
Whoever got the last question (answer) right gets to choose next and they will continue until all the answers (questions) have been used up.
Round 2 play for double points
Round 3, final risk, where people bet all, some, none of their winnings on one final question (answer) in order to win.

Player must choose a subjet and points. Then the "answer" is revelead, and the first player to buzz in, must bring the answer in a determined time.

You can customize the point values, the subjects, and of course, the questions and the answers.

2 to 8 players / teams.