Two contestants, one playing Os and another playing Xs, took turns picking a star and following the traditional tic-tac-toe strategies for which square to select. The compere asks a question or makes a statement about the chosen celebrity and the contestants had to choose an answer or agree or disagree with the statement. If the contestant is right, he or she got the square; if the contestant is wrong, the other contestant got the square, unless that caused the opponent to get three in a row. In that case, the opponent had to win the square on his or her own. A player also wins by getting five "Xs" or "Os" on the game board (thus preventing draws).

The game is divided in three different rounds:
1) YOU CHOOSE, where the players has to choose one of 4 answers
2) TRUE OR FALSE, where the player as to agree or disagree with one statement.
3) RANDOM, same as round 1 but the celebrity is randomly selected.

Personalize each square with your own Text, Pictures or Videos
Fantastic for Corporate Events, just imagine a Panel with all the different managers of a Company talking in a Video about themselfs: Does the General Manager has 7 kids? and his secretary? Does she has one foot larger than the other?